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Laid Open

Aug 9, 2022

This week our guest is Aaron Quinn, an Oakland Firefighter for over 20 years, a yoga teacher as well as an advanced Wim Hof method instructor.  We speak about his journey as a firefighter, which led him to develop a whole-body wellness program, including meditation, physical fitness, and nutrition for new firefighters. This program also helps recruits learn tools to aid in the parts of the job that can be psychologically taxing. 

Additionally, we touch on a variety of topics and stories that have impacted Aaron’s life. This includes his participation in brain research done on the impact of practicing Wim Hof, the role spirituality plays in his life, his ability to receive in his personal life outside of supporting others, as well as, the epidemic proportion of PTSD and suicidal ideation amongst firefighters. We end this incredible episode with a wonderful guided meditation led by Aaron to help us envision ourselves whole. 

You can learn more about Aaron and his work at @live.serve.thrive on Instagram and at his website Live Serve Thrive.