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Laid Open

Nov 8, 2022

This week, we're welcoming Sara Reardon, a pelvic floor physical therapist who's also known as The Vagina Whisperer.  You may know her from her viral TedX talk on rethinking postpartum care.

One of the most important things we cover is that everyone has a pelvic floor (men/women/non-binary people) and that pelvic pain is not only a condition that impacts pergnant or postpartum women. That's because oftentimes, it isn’t until we experience pelvic floor pain or issues that we become aware of this part of our body.

Sara's mission includes normalizing conversations about the pelvic floor, helping people understand what this muscle is,  and how to know when it needs to relaxed or be strengthened.

We also chat about the different conditions that might bring you to a pelvic pain physical therapist and symptoms that are actually signals of pelvic pain. And that chronic stressors, conditioning and belief systems about sex or historical trauma can impact the tension in your pelvic floor.

We end with Sara guiding us through a ribcage breathing practice that is a precursor to any pelvic floor releasing.